SHEP Monitoring Components

Activities of the SHEP monitoring program include Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction components:

  • Pre-Construction Monitoring: establish baseline databank/conditions to assist with impact assessment during later phases
  • Monitoring During Construction: ensure the construction process is within the environmental constraints imposed by EIS and approvals of the resource agencies
  • Post-Construction Monitoring: verify that project does not produce more impacts than predicted and mitigation features function as intended

The following table shows a summary of the major components of the SHEP monitoring program and the time period for which each monitoring element will be performed. Appendix D of the Final EIS contains more information about the program and its requirements. Click each element for a description of the work.

Ref # Element Pre During Post - Years
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Post Year 10
1 Establish Baseline Data Bank
2 Installation of Continuous Water Quality Data Recorders
3 Update Hydrodynamic and WQ Models
4 Bathymetric Surveys of Sediment Basin
5 D.O. Transfer Efficiency Study
6 D.O. Levels near Dredge during Summer Months
7 Cadmium Sediment Sampling in 14A/14B
8 CDF Effluent
9 Monitoring of Continuous Water Quality Data Recorders 4 recorders
10 Intensive Water Quality/Hydrologic Monitoring Events
11 Bathymetric Surveys in Unique Areas
12 Hydrodynamic/Water Quality Model Assessment
13 Freshwater Interface Determination
14 Chloride Monitoring at Abercorn Creek Intake
15 Groundwater Chloride Monitoring 8 wells
16 Monitoring of 12 Marsh Sites (Chloride/Hydrologic/Vegetation)
17 Monitoring of Marsh Restoration Site (1S)
18 Shortnose Sturgeon Distribution in Estuary
19 Shortnose Sturgeon Distribution at NSBL&D
20 Fish Distribution Along Marshes
21 Impact Assessment Review (Comprehensive Physical Data/Model Comparison and Review)
22 Wildlife Use in 14A/14B (Avian/Terrestrial Field Counts)
23 14A/14B Inflow/Effluent (Georgia)
24 14A/14B Bird Tissue Analysis
25 Sampling Exposed Miocene for Cadmium
26 Shortnose Sturgeon and Striped Bass Habitat Monitoring